Sawdust Making Machine ,Hammer Milling Machine ,Crushing Machine

Hammer mill machine Application :

Hammer mill is for grinding the Biomass material like straw, various crop stalks, coconut shell , stalk and wood chip, tree branch and forest waste to be powder of less than 3-5mm, which is right size before pelletizing and briquette. It is the most ideal grinding equipment for all kinds of wood peices,wood shavings,grass,straw,stalk,corn,weeds,soybean,PVCfoaming board,rubber and so on.

it adpopts cold water cooling structure inside, avoiding the damage to spare parts due to long time working friction ,which is mainly used in wood factory,foddor factory, cultivation factory, organic fertilizer factory, and so on. Adopt advanced rotor hammer structure, this machined drived by 2 motors, which is more smooth operation and high capacity. It mainly used for feed mills, farms, organic fertilizer factory. Chinese herbal medicine, and chemical. Deeply welcomed by the general customers.

Feature :

1. After crushed, the crushed powder size is from 1.5-3mm.we can make fit hole screener at the biomass hammer crusher bottom according to materials moisture and Characteristics .

2. The biomass hammer crusher spare parts hammers and screener are made by our CNC systems, through high technical heat treatment,standing out from other suppliers is that we could ensure its high precision and durable working efficiency .

3. biomass hammer crusher works connect with air fan and cyclone , crushed powder will outlet from cyclone bottom, which is very environmental protection and easy to collect powder.

Advantages of hammer mill
1. Qualified motor offered ,frequency and thick copper coil, more stable working environment while working ,ensure smoothly hammer mill process .

2. Using H13 steel as hammer mill ,adops special abrasion resistent treatment technology, which is more hard and anti-wearing. It can cut hard wood and service life is more longer.The materials of hammers is tungsten carbide spot welding. The hammers knife of hammer mill is thicker with better working lifetime and performance .

3. Complete the material treatment by the blade cutting. In the process of blade cutting grinding, rotor produces high-speed airflow, rotates with blade cutting direction, and shocks repeatedly to make material by double crush at the same time. These accelerate material crushing rate.

4. All of our rotors pass an accurate dynamic balancing test, the error of hammers is within 0.2 g, which can guarantee the machine runs steadily, low noise and smooth running. Per tested, double rotor hammermill no-load noise is 102 decibels, load noise is 95 decibels.

5. The discharge port of wood hammer mill machine is high and the material is not blocked

6. Feed inlet of wood hammer mill with anti-caulking baffle to prevent material collapse

7. Hammer mill feeding materials vertically, feeding smoothly.

8. Safe and environmental: inset seal avoids the dust from overflow thoroughly and improve work conditions, ensure more clean and environmental working situation .




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