Wood Chippers Making Machine

Wood chipper machine Introduction :

Drum Wood Chipper machne is one kind of special equipment for producing wood chips, widely used in the raw material preparing process in the factories of flakeboard, fiberboard, papermaking and wood chips making plant. Small drum type wood chipper Indonesia is the best equipment for factory’s laboratory preparing material.

Industrial wood drum chipper is made up of machine body, knife roller, the upper and lower feed roller, conveyor belt, hydraulic system.it adopts high strength steel plate welded together, is the supporting basis of the whole machine.Install two or three, four flying knives in the knife roller.

Using the fly-knife bolt specially manufactured to fix these fly-knives on the knife roller through the pressure block. According to different thickness of cutting materials, the upper feed roller can fluctuate within a certain range with the aid of hydraulic system. Qualified wood chips fall down through the sieve holes, and are discharged from the bottom; large wood chips will be cut again within the machine.


Raw material for Drum type wood chipper cutting is mainly wood raw material: timber, processing residue (branches, batten, log core, building templates, roots, waste veneer etc.) particle board, fiber board.Non-wood raw material: sugarcane, reed, bamboo etc. This machine is widely used for many industry factories like particle board factory, high density fiberboard, stubble factory, biomass power plant,wood factory,paper making factory etc .

Feature :

1. Strong body of wood chipper, material: is Carbon steel Q235, can run stably without ground foundation.

2. It is consist of main machine, knife roller, knife blades, feeder, conveyor, hydraulic pressure system, etc. Machine body is welded by high strength steel plate forming the integrated support base.

3. Knife roller with 2-4 knifes which can be adjusted up and down based on the thickness of wood chips required. Wood chipper blade use H13 material, more hard and anti-wearing. It can cut hard wood and service life is more longer , just need to sharpen it every 5-7 days (8 hours per day ) . Qualified chips come down through the screener and outlet, but big block will return to crushing room for second processing.

4.Feed roller of wood chipper adopts 45# Mn steel. This kind of steel has strong abrasion, precise bite force, so it can reduce damage for the chipper.

5.The rotors of wood chipper for sale all passed the dynamic balance testing

6.The hydraulic system of electric wood chipper is consist of oil pump, hydro cylinder, which can start up the cover for blades changes and maintenance.

7.Feeding chain conveyor of wood chipper shredder can feed material evenly, so the material won’t be blocked.


In order to serve you better, please try to provide the below information:

1) What is the material to be crushed? If timber, what kind of wood?
2) Hardness?
3) Moisture content?
4) Maximum diameter of the material to be crushed?
5) Maximum length of the material to be crushed?
6) Required production capacity?
7) Required chips size?
8) What will wood chips be used for ? ( making wood pellets? For biomass power plant? Etc)
9) Working location of the machine?
10) Other special requirement which you think necessary to let me know?

Then we will recommend suitable model based on your actual needs.

Model wood chipper machine




Power (kw)




Max Diameter Of Log(mm)




Feeding Size(mm)




Chips Size(mm)








Weight  (t)




Machine Size (mm)