How To Find Reliable Wood Pellet Mill Machine in China

You may need wood chips for your business. Wood pellets are bio-fuel. Hence, they are Eco-friendly. But, you should always buy the best quality wood chipper machine.

Almost all over the year, wood pellets remain in demand. In the winter wood pellets are required to make fire. Again in the summer, BBQ demands more and more supply of the wood pellets.

To supply this huge amount of wood pellets, you require a great quality wood shredder machine. A chipper that never jams and you can get your wood pellets seamlessly.How To Find Reliable Wood Pellt Mill Machine in China

There are so man companies in China. But you should always choose the best.

Our company HMPILLET MILL is a top-quality chipper machine manufacturer in China. HMBETTER is our product’s name. It’s a great chipper machine. It can provide you high-quality and cost-efficient wood pellets.

Why Should You choose HMBETTER wood pellet mill machine?

1. Impressive Quality

This wood pellet machine is stable. It never gets jammed. It can produce 1 to 3 tons of wood pellets per hour. The machine has a great gearbox. As a result, the machine never gets stuck. The dies of this shredder have double layers. This means you can get low-cost and high-quality wood pellets.

We have used steel rings in this machine. Many companies use Viton Pad. But, we have researched and used this steel ring in our machines. Hence, this machine requires almost no maintenance. So, this machine will save your hard-earned money.

2. Advanced Engineering

We have dedicated a good deal of time to make our machine perfect. Our lubricating system is unique. Great quality lubrication keeps the machine running for 20 hours. Moreover, the machine is cost-efficient. So, you can get tons of wood pellets for long hours.

Our wood pellet machine can provide you a clean operation. This wood pellet machine produces wood dust. But this dust gets cleared by our dust removal system. As a result, the machine never gets jammed. The machine remains cool and it keeps on producing for long hours.

3. Easy Installation and After Sales Service

We always try to satisfy our customers. Many companies don’t provide installation services. But we are not like that. We have an expert team of installation engineers. These engineers will take all the responsibilities. Apart from the installation, they will also show the entire operation of the machine. They will provide basic training to your workers. Consequently, you won’t face any confusion regarding the pellet production.

4. Pellet Size Customization

Different types of businesses may require different sizes of pellets. Hence, we can customize the pellet size on our machines. You can get 6 mm pellets, 8 mm pellets, 10 mm pellets, and 12 mm pellets. We can adjust pellet lengths up to 30 mm (from 10 mm). This customization will make your business more attractive.

5. Experienced Company

Our company has years of experience. We have completed over 600 projects and we have many international clients. Apart from biomass energy production, we have other fields of expertise. So, we know what type of machine is the best for you.

6. Durable Spare Parts

Spare parts are significant in a machine. Wrong and low-quality spare parts can make your machine inefficient. Hence, we always use branded spare parts in our machine.

Delixi is a famous brand. Our machine has this brand’s electrical parts. As a result, you will always get after sales service.
Haerbin bearing is also famous for their great quality. We have used this bearing in our machines. This bearing will last longer and you just don’t have to repair it again and again.

For the electric control of the pellet machine, we use Invt converter. It’s a popular band. It will provide you an easy to use control cabinet. Even, our pellet machine’s motor has a great quality copper coil. This coil won’t get burned and it’s durable.

All these features make our HMBETTER, the best quality wood pellet mill machine. Our machine has best-class parts and it can produce great quality pellets. The machine has automatic lubrication. As a result, it can run continuously.

We are an experienced company in China. We have hundreds of trained professionals. Our research and innovation have always satisfied our customers. Hence, we have so many international clients. To grow your business you can always rely on us. We won’t disappoint you. Just contact us and we will reach to you as soon as possible. (